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The VNS Law Enforcement solutions have been optimized for the SoleraTec ARQVault Digital Evidence
Management software suite.  The solution comprises an "evidence from Everywhere"  product offering
including cameras, video processing, recording and storage.  Video is downloaded and the body camera
charged when it is placed in the ARQCam Smart Dock.  The Smart Dock is connected to the network via
Ethernet.  The video files are first sent to the Transcode server which processes the them to create a lower
resolution version.  The original video files and their smaller file size versions are then sent to the Media
Server where the
ARQVault software resides.  At this point other digital evidence can be added to specific
case files using
ARQVault which then stores the low resolution transcoded files on the media server and
sends the original video and case files to a long term storage solution such as a tape library.

ARQvault automatically uploads digital evidence from
ARQcam, ARQcar, ARQinterview, and any networked
workstation to its secure storage repository. During uploading, evidence integrity is authenticated and
metatags are applied to make searching and review easier than ever.

From one interface, authorized users can access and retrieve evidence in seconds. This simplifies how
evidence is found, redacted, exported and shared.  Evidence is moved to secondary storage as needed to
improve performance and lower total cost of ownership. Keeping evidence for years will no longer be a
struggle. This system makes it easy for investigators and prosecutors to make the case by presenting all
digital evidence in one place using one user-friendly interface.
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For smaller agencies with only a few cameras, VNS offers an all-in-one solution which eliminates the need
for the transcode server and tape archive products.  As the storage requirements are much lower with
smaller camera count organizations, the transcode function is no longer needed and all video is stored in
it's original format on a tradition hard drive array.