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Edition 18, Week of January 6, 2014

VNS delivers two servers and four view stations in support of a surveillance system expansion and upgrade
at a major Western region transit authority.  All systems were custom designed around existing
infrastructure to meet the needs of the end user.  The Dealer/Installer selected VNS based on our extensive
surveillance system knowledge and flexibility to create full custom designed products to meet the end
customer's unique requirements.

Edition 17, Week of August 12, 2013

VNS announces the release of the NVR Dashboard - a real time performance monitoring tool shipping on
all VNS NVRs.   Read full press release

Edition 16, Week of April 15, 2013

VNS announces three new Hybrid NVRs: the entry level V1500 series, the mid-range V2500 and the PoE
enabled hybrid.  Each product includes support for up to 16 analog D1 cameras.  
Learn more by going to
the Hybrid NVR page.

Edition 15, Week of January 21, 2013

VNS partners with SoleraTec to offer their Phoenix VMS fully licensed out of the box on our PoE enabled
NVRs.  Read the full press release
here. Edition 14, Week of January 7, 2013

VNS has launched a blog.  The blog will cover a diverse set of topics affecting technicians, sales folks,
system designers and managers as they transition from DVRs to NVRs and IP video.

Edition 13, Week of November 5, 2012

VNS has just released the latest version of its VistaPoint (IP Camera Field Kit) the VT110.  The hardware
has been upgraded from a 5.7" hand held with external battery to a ruggedized convertible computer with a
10" screen.  In addition to the IP Discovery Tool software which allows the user to easily locate Ethernet
devices on a given IP sub-net, a new App is being included - the IP Address Tool.  This tool provides way to
change the IP address of the Local Area Connection with fewer keystrokes than navigating the Network and
Sharing Center through Windows.  Still included in the kit is either the PINPOINT or POINTSOURCE from
Veracity.  To learn more about the VistaPoint go to the
Tools page.

Edition 12, Week of October 8, 2012

VNS is pleased to announce the launch 3 new small form factor "embedded" NVRs.  The first is our next
generation automotive solution which incorporates a 4 port PoE switch (leveraging our PoE enabled NVR
product line).  You can go to the
Vehicle page to learn more.  The second is a fixed mount NVR intended for
indoor applications requiring a small mountable solution.   You can go to the
Outdoor/Embedded page to
learn more.  And the third system is the next generation of outdoor NVRs intended for use in edge or remote
recording application.  This next generation product incorporates our PoE enabling technology to simplify
the installation and surveillance architecture.  Wiring is simple:  Connect a 110V AC power source and then
run Cat 6 cables to the cameras and network switch - or choose an option that enables DSL, wireless or
fiber back hauling.  Please go to the
Outdoor/Embedded page to learn more.

Edition 11, Week of Sept 5, 2012

VNS completed the storage and management systems for a school district in Iowa.  Working with our
distribution partner, Anixter,  and an multi-national security company VNS helped to develop the system
requirements specifications for the VMS hardware and then customer built a solution around these
needsEdition 10, Week of April 30, 2012

VNS is pleased to announce the launch of our 8th generation V-Series module NVRs.  Each one of the 3
platforms (V1000, V2000 and V3000) have upgraded processors from Intel, the inclusion of 1.5TB hard
drive options and what could be a first for servers designed for Security Industry the use of SSD drives for
the Operating System.  You can get the new data sheets from the

In addition we have updated our Configuration Assistant tool to not only account for these changes but to
also include support for SVGA cameras and further refining of the H.264 compression assumptions based
on data from our customers.    

Edition 9, Week of March 19, 2012

Our Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) enabled product line has been expanded to include a rack mount case.  The
2U half depth chassis contains the same 4 or 8 port PoE switch and storage configurations as our desktop
offerings.  Click
here to down load the latest version of the data sheet.

Edition 7, Week of October 3, 2011

VNS is expanding it's PoE enabled NVRs to include a 4-port version of the VP products.  The new 4-port
embedded PoE switch is powered by the in NVR power supply and comes with the same storage options
and form factor as our 8-port NVR.  In addition to the VP Series Products we are now making the embedded
PoE switches available to our Custom Product Lines.  This first 4-port PoE system shipped this week into a
video conferencing application.  Check out the updated
data sheet and be sure to stay tuned for news on
this exciting product line in the coming weeks.

Edition 6, Week of September 19, 2011

This week the annual ASIS trade show is taking place in Orlando.  At the show VNS will have two VX series
NVRs in the Veracity booth.  The VX series products are optimized for use with Veracity's external storage
system: COLDSTORE.  One of the NVRs will be running Genetec's Omnicast Video Management Software
while the other one will be running OnSSI's Ocularis along with Solaretec's Phoenix software.  More
information on the VX series products can be found
here.  These low power, small form factors are an
excellent match to the low power COLDSTORE architecture.  Be sure to stop by and see these systems in
action and tell them... VNS sent you.

Edition 5, Week of September 5, 2011

This week we have updated the PoE enabled NVR data sheet to add a storage selection guide.  Simply
estimate the amount of storage you expect for your application, go down the column until you find the
desired days of storage and the row heading will give the amount of storage needed - rounded to 1 TB, 2TB
or 4 TB.  This storage number can then be used as for ordering.  Visit the
Modular Standard Products Page
to download the data sheet.

Edition 4, Week of August 29, 2011

This week VNS is making our Motion Estimation Tool available for down load on our web site.  This tool has
been part of our NVR Configuration Assistant and we are now making it a stand alone application available
to all visitors.  Please visit our
Tools page (linked to from our Products page) for more information on the
tool and to down load it for your own use.

Edition 3, Week of August 22, 2011

This week VNS is releasing our first Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) enabled Network Video Recorder.  The NVR
comes in a desktop form factor with a convenient carrying handle and an embedded 8 port PoE switch.  The
switch looks like a LAN port and has been configured with a static IP address before shipping.  
The VP108 has been developed with megapixel cameras in mind so when used with 1080p cameras the 8
port system can support the same viewing area as 54 channel DVR (with 4CIF analog cameras).  You'll find
the VP series data sheet on the
Modular Standard Products page.

Edition 2, Week of August 1, 2011

This past week VNS extended it's foot print in K-12 schools with the shipment of systems to a national
integrator for installation in 4 school buildings.  These systems were part of our custom configured product
line and had 8 TB of raw storage with 3 types of RAID arrays - RAID 1, RAID 5 and RAID 10.  We started out
with our Configuration Assistant and the camera parameters provided.  Then working with our sales
channel, the integrator and the VMS (Video Management Software) provider a solution was tailored to meet
all stake holder needs within the given budget.

Next week is the annual Rally in Sturgis South Dakota.  Once again, a VNS NVR will be providing the
command, control and recording for the IP cameras at the
Full Throttle Saloon (the worlds largest Biker
Bar)through our customer Clearwater Consulting with whom we have been working with for over 5 years.  If
you plan on attending be sure to check out the Full Throttle.  If you can't make it you can get an idea of what
you missed from the TruTV series at

Edition 1, Week of July 24, 2011

Well the news this week is pretty obvious - we have an all new web site.  We have changed the layout,
retooled our logo, added new information and filled in some of the gaps our customers have identified.  Our
objective was to make the site simple, easy to navigate and informative so that you can get in, find the
information you need and get on with your work.  As such, you'll notice that the layout is clear, concise and
devoid of distractions that don't inform.  One of the key changes is how we have laid out the Products page
with a "wheel of products" symbol where each spoke is a different product line now with its own page of
information.  Data sheets for each of the products are easy to find and we've included for the first time our
Viewing Station products which allow users to view video across multiple monitors.  Also new to the site is
a search function, information regarding our OEM program, insight into our NVR Configuration Tool, an
External Storage NVR and a list of some example installations using VNS SurVIS solutions.