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VNS, combined with our partners Tandberg Data and SoleraTec, is pleased to offer two "system solutions"
which have been optimized for use with RDX removable hard drives from Tandberg.  These systems are
equipped with removable drive docks and pre-installed with  licensed software from SoleraTec: the
Phoenix RSM Video Management Software.  The design and deployment of these specific system
solutions allows customers to choose a long-term retention policy that is right for them.  The flexibility to lay
down low resolution or high resolution video streams to the RDX cartridges and add RDX cartridges over
time provides a truly unique solution where customers can store video for a few months or a few years
depending on their liability concerns.
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The Optimized for RDX come in two configurations: the V7500 with two RDX docks and the V7501 with one
RDX dock.  To learn more about the solution, please read the following white papers and data sheets.  You
can also download the quick start guide
Optimized for RDX System Diagram
SoleraTec White Paper
V7500 Datasheet
Imation White Paper