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NVR Power Media Converter
POWER+MEDIA Controllers (PMC) are a product unique to VNS for NVR manufacturers.  Using our
experience with installers we have created a line of products which integrate networking and camera
power into a single distribution point.   These devices can take on a wide variety of configurations allowing
you to mix the right options for your application.  We support Power-over-Ethernet, DC or AC camera
powering (or a combination of these) from a 110 VAC power source.  Connectivity options include wireless,
Cat 5/6 or fiber.  PMCs can be used indoors or outdoors (NEMA 3 and NEMA 4 with heating options are
supported), in camera interface, aggregation or repeater applications - see below for one example.

Download the
PMC data sheet.
PMC Application: Interface and Aggregation
NVR Application
Ethernet Switch
Cat 5/6
Cat 5/6
Cat 5/6
Physical connectivity determined by aggregated
bandwidth requirements
Connectivity shown as Cat 5/6 for illustration.  
PMC connectivity can be Cat 5/6, fiber or wireless
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