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Features of the In Car Video System:

  • Support for i3, i5 or i7 Intel processors so multiple apps can run concurrently (in-car video,
    facial recognition, bwc integration).
  • More memory than most competitors to process data faster
  • Full environmental range support of -20 degrees C to 85 degrees C.
  • Internal devices to support WiFi, GPS, LTE, cameras, microphone).
  • Built-in POE for direct camera support.  Options for 2, 4 or 8 direct cameras - more with a
    Ethernet switch.
  • Multiple USB connectors for docking BWC’s.
  • Can direct-connect monitor/keyboard allowing the use of small displays when not integrating
    into MDT
  • Multiple digital inputs and outputs for triggers and indicators
  • OBD-II port for recording vehicle information (gas pedal position, braking, air bag
    deployment, etc)
  • Ignition integration
  • RAID-1 for video storage with one hot swap drive bay
The VNS In-vehicle NVR products are targeted for all vehicular applications: buses, cars, trains,
boats, electric carts etc.  These NVRs are available with 2, 4 or 8 PoE ports for direct connection to
camera.  The V7000 series vehicular systems have been optimized for use with the
SoleraTec In-Car
video management software,

When used with
ARQCar as part of the Law Enforcement Solution, In-Car Video (ICV) recorder not
only activates the Body Worn Camera(BWC) recording, it also functions as a video upload station
and review/metatag station.  Officers can upload their video in the car so they do not need to dock in
the station.  They can review both ICV and BWC video in the car and metatag in the car.  If the car has
a LTE router, the evidence can be immediately accessed from the station without an upload.  Also,
with a LTE router, they can upload all video while in the field.  The ICV can also relay live body camera

Download the
V7000 Series data sheet.