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VNS, combined with our partner Axis Communications, is pleased to offer the VB101A Video Bunker.  The
VB101 Video Bunker is an on-premises disaster recoverable video surveillance Network Video Recorder
(NVR).  The solution consists of a small embedded NVR pre-configured with Axis* Communications Axis
Camera Station (ACS) Video Management Software (VMS) and an external theft resistant,
fireproof-waterproof hard drive with 2 years of Data Recovery Services.  The storage drive can be ordered
as a single drive or as a RAID 1 volume and has been preset and configured within ACS to support video
and database recording.  The Video Bunker can support up to eight (8) 1080p 30 FPS cameras, or video
streams, recording continuously for 4 days with 2 TB of storage - but the system can support archive to 14
TB.  The system is designed to seamlessly record 40 Mbps of video, an amount exceeding most network
upload speeds making cloud storage impractical if not impossible..

The ACS enabled Video Bunker works with all multi-stream capable Axis cameras and Axis Camera
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ACS Video Bunker System Diagram
Video Bunker System Diagram
VB101A Data Sheet
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