Network Video Recorder

What is an NVR?


Just what is a NVR (Network Video Recorder)? The NVR is an application specific open architecture computing platform engineered for IP video performance. It is not intended to run any other application. In this way it may be thought of as an Appliance – much like the Digital Video Recorders used in non-IP based surveillance systems. At VNS we refer to our NVRs as SurVIS platforms – Surveillance Video Information Systems.

Unfortunately for the user, not all system components perform to the same level.  This can impact the NVR’s video processing capability rendering it under powered even when built to a set of high level specifications. VNS understands this and engineers our SurVIS NVR solutions with the highest performing components. In addition, we perform software application testing to insure our NVR’s meet the end application’s system specifications. 

Elements to consider when ordering an NVR for your application:

  • Video processing horsepower
    • Processor
    • Motherboard
    • RAM
    • Chipset
    • OS & Video Management Software
  • Storage
    • RAID vs Non-RAID and RAID Level
    • Simultaneous Read/Write Capability and RAID Arrays
    • Capacity (formatting and RAID loss)
  • Network Interface
  • Video Output
  • Footprint

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