VNS offers two Excel based design tools to help you understand and configure an NVR to meet your application's requirements.

Motion Estimation Tool

The VNS Motion Estimation Tool is an Excel spreadsheet which calculates the overall motion for a camera over the archive duration period. The tool was specifically developed to aide system designers estimate the amount of recording time for motion based systems with defined and traffic patterns. Typical examples would be schools, retail outlets, factories or any other site that exhibit these patterns of operation.  The user merely needs to define the and hours of operation, the expected motion during those times, the number of days the establishment is open and the duration of the archive period.  The tool returns the overall motion and an estimated number of hours of recording.  Download the tool motion estimation motion estimation to start putting this app to work for you today.

NVR Configuration Tool

The VNS NVR Configuration Assistant is designed to easily match the application’s system requirements with a VNS modular V-Series NVR Standard Product.  The NVR Configuration Assistant provides an ordering part number for most applications.  For those instances where the surveillance system is unique enough to require a specialty or custom NVR product the Tool will return a Call Factory message – we then use this information to develop a solution for your needs.  The below graphic shows the form and input variables which can be modified in order to generate the NVR configuration for a specific application.  The NVR Configuration Assistant is and Excel workbook and is available to download – click here.

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