About VNS

Our story

Since 2005, Our Team Has Succeeded In Understanding The Demands Of The Video Security Industry And Created Robust Products To Serve Them.

ViSTA Networking Solutions (VNS) is a premier provider of Information Technology products/services focused on the needs of the video surveillance and security industries. We are addressing the unique requirements of next generation surveillance systems by applying leading edge computer and networking technologies to produce advanced digital video surveillance systems.

VNS is the exclusive developer and supplier of the SurVIS (Surveillance Video Information Server) NVR (Network Video Recorder) platforms which are among the industry’s performance leaders in video processing, hours of storage and archive quality.

VNS uniquely blends the experience and expertise of the digital video security and computer/networking industries to deliver a IP video NVR products tailored to the unique requirements of each application.  The digital revolution will significantly change the security industry and VNS is equipped to deliver leading edge digital video security systems and services that will enable our customers to ride this technology wave.  We can preload your NVR with the VMS (Video Management Software) of your choice – including the license key – at your request and never with any added charge.

At VNS, we are IP Video architects focused on delivering performance oriented modular, scalable, NVR solutions developed exclusively to meet the requirements of IP video surveillance applications.  We offer a broad portfolio of standard and custom NVR products which address installation needs from embedded/industrial applications all the way to multi-terabyte enterprise solutions – and everything in between.

What Makes VNS Different

  • IP Video is ALL we do
  • We speak the language of our customer: Surveillance parameters
  • We strive to understand the overall surveillance system requirements and future expansion needs
  • We have tested our products with different video management software packages to understand their specific requirements
  • We have benchmarked components and selected those with the best video performance as well as reliability in a 24 x 7 operating mode
  • We have been trained on VMS software and can “pre-load” a system for customers
  • We have one of the broadest portfolio of products targeted for video
  • All systems are benchmarked for video performance before leaving the factory

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