Custom Products

Designed to Order NVRs

These NVRs (Network Video Recorders) are custom designed and built to the specific application

Custom Solutions

The VNS line of custom NVR (Network Video Recorder) products supplement our Modular Standard NVR products.  These products may offer a larger storage configuration than in the V-Series NVR systems, or more video processing than available in a V3000 series product, or a unique footprint for a specific application or special network connectivity (i.e. Fiber HBA). 

The VNS custom NVR products are primarily offered in three product categories (similar to our Modular Standard NVR Products): Low-End (LT08), Mid-Range (LT16) and High-End (GT17).  However, custom versions of our Embedded, Vehicular and Portable NVR products are also available.  

Most requests for quote for these custom products are turned within 24 hours.  Please Contact Us to see how we can configure a unique solution for your application.

Data Sheets:

LT08              LT16                   GT17

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