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VNS - StorMagic Partnership

VNS is a distribution partner for the StorMagic ARQvault products.  The partnership allows VNS to integrate the full ARQvault product line with our suite of IP video optimized command, control, record and view systems.  One ordering part number for an integrated solution ready to install out of the box.  View the StorMagic ARQvault Solution Brief.

Gather, store and find data forever with the first Active Intelligent Repository

StorMagic ARQvault gives your organization a simple and flexible way to address the challenge of capturing, storing and using your ever-increasing volumes of video and other unstructured data. Instead of only relying on expensive storage mediums and complicated or non-existent management systems to handle that data, ARQvault is a solution that manages this data today, grows with your needs, makes it easy to find and use your data, all at a reasonable cost.
          – Gather anywhere – Ingest from any source using any server, any storage and expand easily
          – Store forever – Leverage automated tiering and secure your data with an easy to manage solution
          – Find fast – Intelligent search using rich metadata on a system that is always available

Visit the StorMagic ARQVault Product page.  View the StorMagic ARQvault Data Sheet.

StorMagic ARQvault Applications

Video Surveillance

StorMagic ARQvault is a powerful solution for video surveillance and video management systems (VMS). It can support thousands of cameras, with full-featured live viewing and video walls. As the first Active Intelligent Repository, ARQvault combines and shares distributed storage resources, can actively search, play back and view any video in real time, and uses policies to automatically move video to different storage tiers.

Visit the StorMagic ARQvault Video Surveillance page.  View the StorMagic ARQvault Video Surveillance Solutions Data Sheet.

Digital Evidence Management

The StorMagic ARQvault Digital Evidence Management solutions provide specific capabilities where in-car video, body cameras, and/or room-specific cameras are utilized. It also offers a file ingest module that enables all types of files to be uploaded (ingested) into ARQvault, providing secure and powerful storage for a digital evidence system. ARQvault can gather, store and find your vital evidence whenever you need it.

Visit the StorMagic ARQvault Digital Evidence page.  View the StorMagic ARQvault DEM Solutions Data Sheet.

Media and Entertainment

The StorMagic ARQvault Media and Entertainment solution allows any type of digital asset to be ingested, for it to be stored forever, found fast, and reduce storage costs by at least 50% versus other solutions. Keep everything organized and secure with manual and automatic metadata collection, and a simple search function to enable easy retrieval for when specific files are called upon, regardless of how old they might be.

Visit the StorMagic ARQvault Media and Entertainment page.  View the StorMagic ARQvault Media and Entertainment Data Sheet.

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