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ViSTA Networking Solutions Releases NVR Configurator

ViSTA Networking Solutions (VNS) is pleased to announce that its Network Video Recorder (NVR) configuration tool is now available for down load from their website. The VNS NVR Configuration Assistant generates an ordering part number based on the user’s description of their application. The tool turns camera configurations, storage durations and physical requirements into an NVR specification which is just right for the project.

“We are excited to be making this tool available to all users” stated Graham Joys, President of VNS. “To date the VNS NVR Configuration Assistant tool was used exclusively by our sales partners. By increasing access to this powerful tool, system integrators and security dealers can make real time system trade offs allowing them to be more flexible and responsive to their customers video security requirements”.

The VNS NVR Configuration Assistant is a Microsoft Excel program which, unlike web based tools, allows users to save their system configurations in an easily editable format should future modifications be needed. The tool consists of 6 tabs. The first provides information on the tool, instructions and release notes. The second tab provides a workspace to record sales and customer information regarding the project. The third tab is a worksheet to capture specific information by camera including location, camera model, etc. The fourth tab is the configuration tool itself. In this tab users enter camera information such as video compression, frame rate, resolution, record on motion estimate and archive duration. The tool accommodates up to 17 different camera configurations. Users can also specify the chassis form factor, OS, RAID level and power supplies. The fifth tab is the VNS Motion Estimation Tool which calculates the camera’s viewed motion over the archive period for applications which have an uneven activity level. The last tab provides information about camera data rates. The default rates are based on actual measurements provided by customers but these rates can be modified by the user if desired.

The VNS NVR Configuration Assistant is more than just a storage calculator as it allows users to capture notes and details on the application as well as generate an ordering part number meeting those requirements. The part numbers provided by the tool are part of the VNS modular NVR product line: the V1000 Series for small installations, the V2000 Series mid-range applications and the V3000 Enterprise Class NVR. These products are available through Anixter.

Pricing and Availability
The VNS NVR Configuration Assistant is available as a free Excel worksheet. To download a copy please visit Vista Networking Solutions at http://www.vnssystems.com/Tools

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