Technology Partners

Cozaint Corporation is a service-disabled veteran owned business that manufactures artificial-intelligence based ‘smart’ physical security towers and kiosks and video surveillance storage systems that deliver 24/7/365 surveillance. Our tower and kiosk units are connected to a live care center for personalized assistance (and panic connection). These surveillance towers and kiosks can connect to additional towers and kiosks to create an overarching network of surveillance and monitoring.

PlateSmart Technologies has developed the world’s first software-only vehicle identification and video analytic solutions, which are compatible with both state-of-the-art and legacy cameras. PlateSmart offers both mobile and fixed-location solutions, which are designed either to functionas stand-alone tools or to integrate with third-party software and hardware. ARES, PlateSmart’s enterprise solution, provides real-time actionable intelligence with license plate number, state jurisdiction, and vehicle make recognition for complete situational awareness. PlateSmart’s solutions are the recipients of multiple industry awards for excellence in security technology.

Axis Communications is a leading designer and supplier of IP video cameras and encoders for the video security market. VNS is a member of the Application Developers Partner program.

VNS is a Member of the Intel Technology Provider Program.  As such we make extensive use of Intel technology in our products.  Intel, the world’s largest chip maker, is also a leading manufacturer of computer, networking and communications products.

Since 1991, Park Place Technologies has provided an alternative to post-warranty storage, server, and networking hardware maintenance for IT data centers. Supporting more than 10,000 organizations in over 100 countries, Park Place Technologies offers an exceptional customer experience, superior service delivery, and an operational advantage for businesses ranging from government, higher education, and healthcare institutions to cloud service providers, SMB and Fortune 500 companies.

Sales Partners

Anixter is a leading global supplier of communications and security products, electrical and electronic wire and cable, fasteners and other small components.  We help our customers specify solutions and make informed purchasing decisions around technology, applications and relevant standards. Throughout the world, we provide innovative supply chain management services to reduce our customers’ total cost of production and implementation.

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