Network Video Recorders optimized for ARQvault VMS from StorMagic


Vigiles is a family of recording, storage and management appliances optimized for ARQvault VMS from StorMagic.  These products come with software installed and licensed, so the systems are ready to go “out of the box”.  Download the Vigiles Configurator. 


The Vigiles-NVR products optimize system performance, database accommodation, storage configuration and ARQvault VMS camera and vault size licensing.  Vigiles-NVR’s can be used as single site stand-alone appliances or part of a multi-site ARQvault VMS installation where an authorized user can access, view and manage video in each distributed vault.  Software installation and licensing are included so that each unit is ready to go out of the box.  Onsite settings like camera focus, configuration and naming as well as policy settings are simple within the ARQvault VMS management tool. 

Vigiles-NVR appliances come in three basic platforms. The V1200 series products are targeted for applications needing up to 75 Mbps of video processing.  The V2200 series systems will be needed for installations requiring up to 180 Mbps of video bandwidth.  And the V3200 series of enterprise class NVR’s will process up to 320 Mbps.  All platforms support vaults up to 100 TB and are available in Desktop or Rackmount footprints.  Through the Vigiles Configurator a user will define the camera parameters, archive duration and NVR system requirements.  The tool will provide the optimized solution for the application.  Download the Vigiles-NVR Datasheet.



  • Desktop or Rack Mount Footprint
  • Intel® CPU Technology
  • ARQvault VMS and licenses pre-installed
  • Flexible vault size: 4 TB to 100 TB
  • Support for up to 100 Cameras
  • Camera system data rate up to 320 Mbps
  • Microsoft Windows® Operating System
  • Separate OS drive
  • Three scalable platforms
  • Provides flexible live-views and a massively scalable video wall is easy to use and manage
  • Retrieves video fast and reduces network congestion
  • Provides simple, yet powerful, intuitive search using metadata
  • Retains video securely to meet retention, compliance, and legal requirements


The VNS Vigiles-NVR Interview Room Recorder has been optimized for and pre-installed with  ARQVault VMS Interview Room software from StorMagic.  The interview room add-on has been specifically engineered to make the interview process easier to record, facilitate, annotate, and export.  These features have applications in law enforcement, corporate settings (events, meetings, training) and education environments (detention rooms, exam proctoring, tutor, recorded lessons).   The appliance is offered in either desktop or rackmount cases to accommodate any installation.  Interview Room data sheet.

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