Video Bunker

VNS partners with Axis Communications to launch the VB101A Video Bunker

ViSTA Networking Solutions (VNS) announces the launch of the Video Bunker. A disaster proof, theft resistant on-premises video archive system for mission critical security cameras. The solution consists of a fire and waterproof hard drive attached to a small footprint Network Video Recorder (NVR) which has been preloaded with AXIS Camera Station (ACS) Video Management Software from Axis Communications. An optional floor mount kit is available to added security.

“This solution was developed in direct response to a customer who lost all of their security video when their establishment burned to the ground,” said Graham Joys, President of VNS. “The first thing he asked was ‘where is the video’ and of course all his security integrator could do was point to the pile of twisted metal that used to be his NVR.” “The VB101A supports the continuous recording of up to eight 1080p 30fps video streams for 4 days with options to record longer. The system is designed to seamlessly record 40 Mbps of video, an amount exceeding most network upload speeds making cloud storage impractical if not impossible.”

The modularity of the Video Bunker provides flexibility to specify the storage size as well as configuration. The archive is offered as either a single hard drive or a two-drive RAID 1. The VB101A supports volumes from 2 TB to 14 TB using enterprise class hard drives. The VB101A was developed as part of VNS’s participation in the Axis Development Partner (ADP) Program, a program designed to help streamline integration with Axis products.

“Our software is designed and validated to perfectly match our products. And our open architecture and versatility provide opportunities to integrate with other technologies–creating new, powerful solutions with partners like VNS,” said Alex Walthers, Strategic Account Manager, Axis Communications. “We’re proud to work with VNS and leverage AXIS Camera Station software to deliver a vital solution–and peace-of-mind–to those who look to protect their mission critical security cameras.”

The solution includes ACS pre-installed, pre-configured and ready to license – camera licenses sold separately. When working in concert with a larger ACS environment, the VB101A pulls up to 8 secondary video streams for hardened archiving while leaving the pre-existing video recording and management intact. IP address and Video Bunker network name are customizable at time of order.

Whether deploying in an existing ACS environment or as a stand-alone solution the VB101A provides the insurance you need when you absolutely cannot afford to lose video due to disaster or theft.

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