NVRs for harsh environments

These NVRs (Network Video Recorders) have been designed for non-HVAC applications making them idea for outdoor or embedded uses

Outdoor and Embeeded NVR Products

These tend to be low camera count remote applications which are not environmentally controlled and may have bandwidth or physical limitations- such as parks, entrance gates , reservoirs, corrosive environments, roadways, etc. For these applications VNS has developed a line of NVRs (Network Video Recorders) which are mounted within a NEMA rated enclosure. These can be combined with our Power+Media Controllers (PMCs) or can include this functionality within the NVR enclosure. These are customizable to specific applications and can provide up to 2 TB of remote recording capability. The V7100 series NVR product line provides solutions for these types of installations.

The V7150 is a fixed mount application specific NVR. This small form factor NVR is intended for use indoors without the need for an enclosure. It makes use of an Intel desktop class CPU to insure operation with mega-pixel cameras. To get more information, please download the V7150 NVR data sheet.

Discuss your application and a VNS Embedded NVR Solution to meet your needs